BioWare selling replica ME3 M-77 Paladin pistol for $400

Arguably the ultimate Mass Effect replica is currently available to buy from BioWare’s online store.

Made by collectibles specialist Triforce, the SKU is a real-life replica of the game’s M-77 Paladin pistol. It weighs seven grams and is supposedly hand-painted. Only 200 units will be produced and sold worldwide.

Should we be criticising BioWare for selling toy firearms? Possibly, but in reality a toy ‘ray gun’ is a world away from a replica AK-47 or Magnum. And we’ve got a replica Portal gun that we love, too, so don’t wish to be hypocritical.

Want one? Then you’ll need to stump up a $200 deposit. And then another $200 when it’s finally released in Q3.

Oh, and as it’s shipped from the US there’s the shipping. And the UK custom charges. All of which presumes customs will let it through on the first place – toy firearms can often be confiscated.

You can grab your here.

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