Black Bean announces Mel B Dance

Publisher Black Bean Games has used its session at the Italian Videogame Developers Conference in Rome to unveil Mel B Dance.

Black Bean strategic corporate coordinator Fabrizio Vagliasindi made the announcement, offering ‘the first semester of 2011’ as a release date.

The game’s formats were unconfirmed, and no information was provided on the gameplay, but a brief montage of music videos was shown to reveal a small selection of the tunes included on the soundtrack.

The video included glimpses of Mika’s ‘We Are Golden’, Cameo’s seminal ‘Word Up’ and the Spice Girl’s debut single ‘Wannabe’.

Mel B Dance will serve as an accompaniment to the Black Bean-published Get Fit With Mel B game. Its developer was not explicitly confirmed. Presumably, though, it be created by Black Bean’s UK-headquartered subsidiary and motion tracking specialist Lightning Fish, which developed the recently released Get Fit With Mel B. Lightning Fish serves as Black Bean’s sole lifestyle and fitness development studio.

"I took a year of work to compose a track list that covers two or three decades in a very strong way, and a large amount of work on the technology," stated Vagliasindi on stage, saying Black Bean had chosen the relatively low profile IVDC event for the announcement in support of the Italian video games industry, which is currently attempting to raise its international profile.

"Mel B Dance will introduce incredible new technology, and should be at the top of the tables," promised Vagliasindi, presumably making reference to the charts. "The soundtrack is actually the best soundtrack placed in a worldwide product. Mel B Dance will have tough competition as it will compete with Dance Central and it will compete with Just Dance and Michael Jackson."

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