Blaze reveals PS3 motion controller

Blaze will release a motion-sensing controller for PlayStation 3, MCV can reveal.

The Blaze PS3 Motion Freedom 3D Controller boasts a design similar to Nintendo’s Wii Remote, but features a directional D-pad, analogue stick and a full selection of controls found on the traditional PS3 pad.

The Blace PS3 Motion Freedom 3D Controller thrusts the PS3 gamer into the very heart of the action by employing the latest motion sensing technology which before now has only been the reserve of Nintendo Wii gamers,” said a Blaze spokesperson.

This device opens up unthinkable gaming possibilities allowing you to interact and become one with the hottest PS3 sporting and action titles.”

Two of the games set to make use of Blaze’s new device are Sega Superstars Tennis and titles from Electronic Arts’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour series.

Sega Superstars Tennis becomes a whole new ball game when you use the controller to smash your opponent into submission, effortlessly and consistently firing deadly accurate backhands and meteoric volleys,” added the firm’s spokesperson.

With the Tiger Woods golf series, you can put yourself on the virtual golf course when you use the Freedom 3D controller as your club of choice to send the ball home with pinpoint accuracy.”

Blaze’s PS3 Motion Freedom 3D controller arrives ahead of Sony’s own motion sensing device, which uses the PlayStation Eye to track positioning.

The device was unveiled during Sony’s E3 2009 press conference and is scheduled to arrive in spring next year.

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