Blizzard pumping $4m into Heroes of the Storm eSports circuit

Blizzard are fronting $4m in total across this year’s spring, summer and fall seasons of MOBA Heroes of the Storm.

The money will be split across the three seasons leading up to BlizzCon’s Global Championship in autumn, and shared among the seven regions of localised competition around the world.

Joining the Chinese, South Korean, North American, European and Latin regions of last year will be Oceania, and South-East Asia and Taiwan – a region that fields exceptional teams for their relative size.

The Global Championship will offer a total of $500,000 for the 12 teams that manage to qualify their way out to Anaheim, California throughout the year.

This is not the $18m total that Valve’s annual The International event pulled together from Dota 2 community contributions, however large single event pools have subsided as a tactic to improve eSports financial feasability this year.

Smite’s World Championship which concluded this month capped its total pool at $1m in order to distribute larger pools throughout the year to more teams at regional events.

Last year’s event saw the inaugural SWC rank third in all-time highest prize pools at 2.6m.

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