Blizzard’s next MMO broader than WoW

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has revealed the company’s next MMO will boast a broader appeal than World Of Warcraft.

Speakign at the Deutsche Bank Securities Techonology Conference in San Francisco, Kotick slipped in hints to the scope of the currently unannounced project, according to Gamespot.

What we’ve announced at Blizzard is that we have Starcraft [II] coming, Diablo has been in production… and a new unannounced MMO that has a little more broad appeal,” he said.

World Of Warcraft already boasts a userbase of more than 11.5 million people around the world, encompassing both avid gamers and more casual consumers.

Blizzard has previously acknowledged it is working on a new massively multiplayer title in 2007, but has repeatedly stated it will be neither a sequel nor a competitor to World Of Warcraft.

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