Blockbuster guns for GAME

Blockbuster Entertainment is to take on the specialists once again with its Total Entertainment centres, a new store concept that deals primarily with video games.

According to sources at the firm, Blockbuster is planning to roll out 30 Total Entertainment stores by the end of September, with each store featuring a full range of games along with Blu-Ray DVDs, iPods and other gadgets.

This is the new breed of Blockbuster stores,” one Blockbuster Total Entertainment store manager told MCV.

The big launch is set for the end of September, and there will be 30 stores in total, although many are open already. Each store specialises in video games, but they also feature Blu-Ray, music, MP3 players and other electronics.

In the few weeks our store has been open, I’ve never seen anything like it. One of the areas Blockbuster is keen to push is our trade-in offer, and it is with this that we can be more competitive with the specialists, supermarkets and indies. The response from customers has been fantastic.”

Along with a new look and a focus away from DVD, Blockbuster is also trialling a new ‘flexible’ pricing policy on pre-owned software.

With the credit crunch, every customer is valuable,” continued the source. So if a customer wants something particular at a set price, we’ll try and find a happy medium.”

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