Blu-ray allures consumers

In the early days of the PS3’s life the inclusion of the still expensive Blu-ray drive technology was often cited as the reason for the console’s struggles – now a few years down the line it’s being credited as the main reasons for PS3’s success.

A survey from research firm Nielsen, as reported by Kotaku, polled 700 consumers who were looking to buy a PS3. Of them, 65 per cent cited the PS3’s Blu-ray functionality as the main reason why they opted for the console.

Next up was the recent price reduction (63 per cent), the software selection (62 per cent), the want to upgrade from a PS2 (62 per cent) and the desire to play online with friends who also own a PS3 (56 per cent).

Just 12 per cent said they were buying the console out of the desire to play one specific title – knocking the notion that big triple-A titles can still in the day and age be considered system-sellers.

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