Blur touts 360/PS3 cross-platform multiplayer

Activision’s upcoming racer Blur will be the first game to allow PS3 and Xbox 360 players to compete against each other AND the first to offer online multiplayer for Silver members of Xbox Live Arcade.

That’s the headline claim being made by Bizarre Creations, though the mechanics of the functionality are a little more complicated.

In truth, integrated Twitter functionality will allow users to challenge one another – no matter what platform they’re playing on – over the social network.

In addition, Xbox 360 owners will be able to swap challenges via Xbox Live’s message system regardless of their membership level.

In the single player mode when you finish a race, it records all of your stats and information,” lead designer Gareth Wilson told MTV Multiplayer.

You can choose what you want to put into your challenge and send it to your buddy. He receives that as an Xbox Dashboard message, so he could be playing another game, he could be watching TV on Netflix.

With the Twitter integration, the one thing we didn’t want was for it to be this horrible, spammy thing. The main reason for having it is so that people on different formats can compete with each other.”

True online multiplayer, however, remains the reserve of XBL Gold members – and is certainly not cross-platform.

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