Bond duo hit stores in November

James Bond 007: Blood Stone will arrive in the UK on November 5th along with GoldenEye 007.

Activision had previously only set the release date for Wii and DS shooter GoldenEye 007. The publisher announced today that its all-new Xbox 360, PS3, PC and DS game, James Bond 007: Blood Stone, will join it in stores on the same day.

Blood Stone features an original mission that takes players across the world, from the rustic delights of Athens and Istanbul to the snowy wastes of Siberia and the jungles of Bangkok.

GoldenEye 007 is a re-imagining of the film and the classic N64 game, which includes new sections, modes and gameplay. It will be available as a standalone game or bundled with a gold Classic Controller Pro on Wii.

Actor Daniel Craig has lent his likeness to both titles, which mark Bond’s return to video games.

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