Brand Map: 51% of Professor Layton players are female

Over half of Professor Layton gamers are female – a much higher profile than seen for the average game.

This week we take a look at the GameVision Brand Map for Professor Layton. GameVision asked 6,729 gamers about this brand. 1,400 had played it within the last six months and 578 of these spoke about the brand in detail.

The popularity of the Professor Layton brand is driven by the ‘mental challenge’ it offers, with 75 per cent of gamers saying this was their most preferred game aspect, more than double the percentage of any other motivator. The level of ‘involvement in the story’ was enjoyed by 37 per cent, while ‘mastering the tricks and skills’ and ‘short play periods’ were each enjoyed by 27 and 22 per cent of players respectively.

Professor Layton is one of few game franchises to have more female players than males. Play rates are highest amongst Spanish and French users, with 20 per cent playing in each country. 46 per cent of players in Europe are under the age of 20, the same as the average game.

Females aged 10 to 14 make up the largest market, accounting for 17 per cent of Professor Layton players, with males aged 15 to 19 comprising a further 14 per cent of the market. No male age group has a higher percentage of players compared to the average game.

The most played games amongst Professor Layton fans include Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training (58 per cent), Big Brain Academy (44 per cent) and Wii Fit (42 per cent), suggesting that a large number of players are playing these games mainly for the educational benefits offered.

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