Brand Map: Command & Conquer played 10.4 hours per week on average

Gamers play Command & Conquer titles for 10.4 hours per week on average – almost an hour more than the typical game.

This week, GameVision Brand Map turns to the real-time strategy genre to take a look at one of its earliest franchises: Command & Conquer.

We asked 6,724 gamers about the EA brand, of whom 586 had played it in the last six months. Of these, we sought more detail from 267 gamers.

This brand’s most enjoyed aspects are ‘fighting and combat’ and ‘mental challenge’ (27 per cent each), followed by ‘exploration and discovery’ (25 per cent), ‘being a hero’ (21 per cent) and ‘speed and concentration’ (20 per cent). A quarter of those playing are still enjoying these aspects in 2003’s Command & Conquer: Generals – good news for the upcoming sequel in 2013.

Command & Conquer enjoys its highest levels of brand awareness in Germany, where 56 per cent of gamers are aware of it. The UK comes in a close second with 52 per cent. Italian gamers have the highest play rates at 10 per cent, followed by German gamers at eight per cent.

This game is played for a mean of 10.4 hours per week, compared to 9.5 hours for the average game. 83 per cent of Command & Conquer players are males, with 25 to 29-year-olds making up 19 per cent of those playing the game (compared to an average of 10 per cent), followed by users aged 15 to 19 and 20 to 24 at 18 per cent each. Males aged 35 to 39 also score slightly more than average on this game. Three per cent of players are females aged 30 to 34, which is the same as the average game.

Other popular games played by those who enjoy this brand include Grand Theft Auto (62 per cent), Medal of Honor (60 per cent) and Unreal Tournament (55 per cent).

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