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Final Fantasy XIII-2 debuted at No.1 when it hit shelves earlier this month, but what makes the series so successful?

GameVision asked 6,737 gamers about Final Fantasy. 1,076 had played an entry in the series during the last six months; 354 of these told us about their experience in more detail.

Final Fantasy is Square Enix’s longest-running and most successful brand. So who is playing?65 per cent of gamers playing Final Fantasy are males (those aged 15 to 19 account for 20 per cent of all players). In total, half of all Final Fantasy players are under the age of 19.PlayStation platforms remain the popular choice for Final Fantasy; however there is good coverage of players of the brand across all devices.Final Fantasy has a strong play rate in Italy, with an 18 per cent rate compared to the 13 per cent play rate for Europe as a whole.

GameVision asked players of Final Fantasy what they enjoy most about the game. Unsurprisingly, the idea of ‘involvement in the story’ is seen by close to half (45 per cent) of players as being a key motivation.Other popular motivations include to ‘explore and discover’ (33 per cent) and to ‘be a hero’ (27 per cent), which both score higher than the average game.

Conversely, players are much less interested in ‘short play periods’ (13 per cent) and a game that will ‘make me laugh’ (nine per cent).

This shows Final Fantasy gamers playing want an in-depth experience.

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