Brianna Wu’s next game wants to replace Twine

The next game from Revolution 60 director Brianna Wu hopes to establish a new way to deliver interactive novels.

The title is being developed for tablets and mobiles and will be visual, it will interactive, and it will allow the reader to decide where the story goes” Wu said, adding that the project’s long-term goal is to replace hypertext game creating tool Twine.

The truth is, the game industry is failing to make the kind of games I am passionate about, and the games women are passionate about. This is the mission of Giant Spacekat – to make games for the rest of us,” the developer added.

Women make up 58 per cent of book purchases. We also drive the paid app market. Putting these two products together is a no-brainer, merely a technological evolution of the passive experience of reading a novel.

If you look at the communities that surround novels, they are amazingly passionate and involved. GSX plans to dedicate an entire department to listening to our fans, who will help decide the path of the novel as it’s released.

Even more exciting is the next step, user-created content. GSX wants to release tools to let all of you write and release your own visual story content. Our goal is to empower everyone out there to tell their own stories, and unleash a new wave of games from people of colour, members of the GLBT community, people with disabilities.”

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