Brink release on track despite PSN blackout

Publisher Bethesda has said that will not alter plans to release multiplayer shooter Brink this Friday despite the fact that PSN may well not be back online in time for gamers.

The game hit US retail today. It remains to be seen if the ongoing PSN outage, which for the time being includes online multiplayer, will adversely affect sales of the PS3 SKU.

Though Brink can be played offline, it is very much designed as a multiplayer experience. The single player mode comprises the same elements as the online mode, but the world is populated bit bots instead of other humans.

However, the bulk of the functionality will remain inaccessible to PS3 owners until PSN is restored.

The Xbox 360 and PC versions are unaffected by the technical problems.

The critical reception to the title has been mixed. It carries a current Metacritic average of 71 per cent on Xbox 360.

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