Bully 2 has not been forgotten, Rockstar assures fans

Rockstar has once again muttered the ‘Bully’ word, assuring fans that its cult IP has not been forgotten.

And while Bully 2 has never been officially confirmed, we can at least be assured that the IP figures into Rockstar’s forward planning in some capacity.

As we previously replied to similar questions about the future of other game franchises like Bully and LA Noire, we don’t always rush to make sequels but that does not mean that we won’t get to them eventually,” the developer said in the latest edition of Asked & Answered.

The last time the game was mentioned was back in November 2011 when Rockstar VP Dan Houser said the Bully franchise was one the studio adored” and might come back to”.

Aside from being a fantastic title, Bully is perhaps best known for the controversy it courted in 2008 when news of the release caused a media outcry and even saw the title banned by some retailers.

Rockstar subsequently opted to abandon the Bully name in the UK and released it under the title Canis Canem Edit.

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