Bully sparks controversy once more

With the Manhunt 2 saga still

far from passed

, Rockstar is now staring another gaming controversy in the face as forces begin to gather in oppositio to its upcoming release of Bully: Scholarship Edition on Xbox 360 and Wii.

CVG reports that the DSGi group, which owns High Street retailers such as PC World and Currys, will again refuse to stock the game in its stores, as it did with the original.

And The Daily Telegraph reports that charity BeatBullying is also up in arms, quoting the organisation’s Niall Cowley as stating:

We’re disappointed this game was created in the first place. Some mindless people thought this was a fun, interesting piece of software to create, but it undermines all the hard work that organisations like ours are seeking to do.

"Our philosophy is about educating young people that bullying is not a cool thing to do, and this leaves us with a bad taste in the mouth."

Cowley added that upon the release of the first game, Rockstar offered to make a donation to his charity:

"It was the most distasteful thing in the world – the idea that we could be bought off like that. We have the interests of the children of this country in our mind, not of the shareholders of this company."

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