Bungie has three projects underway

In a

blog post on its website

discussing the upcoming PAX games expo, Halo developer Bungie has confirmed that it is currently working on three new projects – but added that it won’t be making any big announcement at the Penny Arcade event.

The news comes after the developer confirmed that its plans for a big Halo-related E3 announcement were pulled by its ‘publisher’ at the 11th hour.

The blog reads: The Penny Arcade Expo is rapidly approaching and while some of our plans have changed, we are still planning some goodness for fans who plan to attend.

Visitors to our patch of real estate can expect to find some brand new Halo 3 multiplayer content, including chances for hands-on play (crowds permitting of course).

For the record, we have no plans to make any big announcements or huge reveals at PAX this year. While we will have some Halo 3 multiplayer stuff for you to check out, this is not going to be the ‘big announcement’ many of our fans are clamouring for. Rest assured that when the time is right, we will be making announcements and talking about the stuff we’re currently working on. At the moment we do have three distinct projects underway within Bungie – some familiar, some not. Some on a closer horizon, some quite far off.”

Seeing as Halo Wars is very much out in the open, and Microsoft has confirmed that it is working with Bungie on a separate Halo project, that just leaves us with a third title to ponder over? Perhaps the long-rumoured Xbox Live Arcade outing?

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