Bungie hints at new title reveal

In the fashion that has become typical of the Halo developer,

Bungie has posted an ambiguous message on its website

that most are presuming to be the preamble to the unveiling of a brand new project.

Under the header ‘Keep it Clean’, the message, which was posted by Bungie member Superintendent, offers nothing in the way of concrete information, but does drop a few hints about the possible direction of the new title.

The Superintendent appears to be portrayed as an ‘Urban Infrastructure A.I.’, and mentions of Tokyo and the term ‘Metropolitan Emergency’ point towards an earth-based city title of some sorts.

However, the term UNSC – one of the governing bodies from the Halo universe – is also mentioned, suggesting that the game could yet prove to be a new Halo title. Expect more details to trickle out in the coming weeks.

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