Bungie working on Destiny MMO FPS?

Bungie’s next project is believed to be a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter named Destiny.

The nature of its new game universe – which will be published by Activision – was reportedly outed by a source claiming to be an ex-Bungie employee, according to Kotaku.

Destiny – allegedly codenamed Tiger” – will feature online connectivity, matchmaking technology, and a new graphics engine developed by the studio behind Halo. It has been described as WoW in space”.

Following its split from former owners Microsoft and the Halo franchise, Bungie signed a ten-year partnership with Activision last April concerning the worldwide publishing rights of its next franchse. This project was highlighted as key to Activision’s growth in last week’s headline-grabbing financials.

An Activision investment conference previously suggested that Bungie’s project would be an online title for PC and consoles.

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