Bushnell tips Xbox 720 to beat PS4 in next-gen race

Atari founder and video games veteran Nolan Bushnell has said he believes Microsoft will emerge victorious in the next-gen console war.

"Microsoft, because of their strong software tools, will end up with much better products sooner and easier, in my estimation," Bushnell said on GameTrailers show Rollin’ With Nolan, as reported by GameSpot.

"And with that, I think will be an advantage. And also don’t forget, Microsoft actually has so much money to defend this. Plus, they have a good infrastructure with the [Xbox Live Arcade], with their online world.

"I personally believe Microsoft is in a superior position, and the reason is Sony, whenever they change consoles, the software tools that they have are lame. A lot of times in the past they were in Japanese; not well documented and getting the software development community up to speed… they may have been able to do it in Japan, but the American software community just says ‘Oh boy, what a pain’. And a lot of people don’t realize how strong the software community is at making the hardware platform sing and dance."

He added that Sony"really needs to get their action together" to fix its "god awful" online infrastructure”.

The comments, of course, fly in the face of everything that not only Sony has told us, but also the legions of developers that Sony has worked closely with throughout the entire PS4 R&D process.

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