Call of Duty 4 dev pledges PS3 fix

Infinity Ward, the development team behind recently released next-gen shooter Call of Duty 4, has said it is hard at work on resolving the online troubles the PS3 version of the title has faced since its release last week.

Many PS3 gamers have reported that they are experiencing a number of connection errors when trying to join online games. Thankfully, the problems seem to have spared the Xbox 360 version.

The issue does not stem from the game, the developer adds, but with the servers, which are struggling to cope with the high number of players who have snapped up the title. A statement read:

"The only real issue is that the servers we’re getting hit really hard, especially with the launch in Europe doubling that traffic. It’s just something that requires optimising on the server side and we’ve been working with the PSN COD4 Server team from the moment it started having issues assisting any way we can to help them get them up to speed faster."

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