Call of Duty XP: In Pictures

COD XP: There’s more than just video games to enjoy at Activision’s inaugural expo dedicated to its multi-million selling FPS series.

The publisher has taken over a massive aircraft hanger for this weekend’s event, and brought in a range of activities to entertain attendees. As was revealed in XP’s original announcement, many of these are based on in-game Call of Duty locations and scenarios.

The weekend kicked off with the keynote by Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg, Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling and Sledgehammer Games’ Michael Condrey. The trio unveiled details on the hotly anticipated multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and the full feature set of Call of Duty: Elite.

The main stage has also been host to a number of panels exploring the franchise, including ‘The Voices of Call of Duty’ with series’ voice actors such as Nolan North, William Fichtner and the UK’s own Billy Murray (below on far left).

In the other half of the hanger are hundreds of Xbox 360s demonstrating Modern Warfare 3’s various multiplayer modes. Different sections have been set up for Spec Ops Survival, Team Deathmatch, the new Kill Confirmed and the $1m tournament.

From here, attendees can head into the Armory, a museum of real life weapons found in various Call of Duty titles, and Supply Point, a shop selling COD XP merchandise. There’s even COD-themed Sumo, the chance to be a Modern Warfare cover star and a look at the new Call of Duty-branded Jeep Wrangler.

Outside is where the real fun begins. Fans can take an off-road ride in a Jeep that recreates the vein of vehicular mayhem seen in the games. And there’s a zipline that carries people across the compound at a whopping sixty miles per hour.

Two Modern Warfare 2 levels have been recreated for the event. Attendees can engage in Team Deathmatch on the Scrapyard paintball field, or test their skills by running The Pit.

Anyone that completes each activity even earns Achievements in the form of badges. Prestige badges are also dished out for meeting certain criteria, such as a qualifying time on The Pit or making the leaderboard in Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer modes.

And those who need to refuel can stop by Burger Town, the besieged fast food outlet from Modern Warfare 2.

Last night ended with performances by American punk rock band Dropkick Murphys. Tonight, the event will culiminate with a special concert by Kanye West.

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