Capcom cultivates Hollywood relationships

Capcom has confessed it is in regular talks with Hollywood studios to drive interest in its new properties.

The firm has already enjoyed cross-media success with its Resident Evil series – and is hoping for something similar with Dark Void, which was last month optioned by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment production company.

Pitt is now in line to play the lead in the sci-fi game’s movie spin-off.

The Resident Evil series spawned three popular films which have grossed over $379m between them.

We’re constantly in touch with production companies regarding our properties,” senior marketing director Michael Pattison told MCV.

When Plan B came in and expressed an interest we were very happy to listen to their thoughts on the property. In all honesty, we were overwhelmed by their knowledge of the game and their enthusiasm was unparalleled. We’re looking forward to this developing.”

Pattison added that Capcom would wait to see how well Dark Void would be receieved by the gaming public before confirming its potential as a long-term franchise.

We’re certainly in a position to further extend the property into other areas, but as mentioned before, we need to gauge consumer reaction to the game before we make decisions on extensions.”

He added: A lot of Capcom properties have proved to be popular amongst consumers not only as video-games but also across several other media such as mobile games, PC online games, character-based goods and merchandise, books, DVDs, trading cards, and even orchestra concerts and theatrical plays.

We’re really pleased that our core properties – namely the video game – can be extended into other mediums within the umbrella of entertainment experiences.

As we all know people are looking for a wide-range of entertainment experiences and we aim to satisfy these needs.”

Dark Void is due to hit Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on January 15th, 2010.

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