Capcom goes to AIE for its ANZ distribution

News has just come through that Capcom distribution, formerly handled in ANZ by THQ, is jumping ship to All Interactive Entertainment.

The move will see Capcom’s entire range, including the hotly-anticipated Resident Evil 6, be sold, marketed and distributed through the Australian-based publisher / distributor.

Until now, Capcom has been handled through THQ, which also took care of Disney down under until former THQ stafferscreated Turn Left Distribution and signed a deal to handle that account.

With THQ now focusing on its own IP entirely, Namco Bandai remains the only sattelite office of a larger publisher which routinely takes on distribution responsibilities from other publishers’ franchises, with the number of distributors in the region spiking and competition heating up.

All Interactive Entertainment’s first cabs off the rank for Capcom will be the October releases of Resident Evil 6 and the Vita version of Street Fighter x Tekken. AIE also handles Bethesda’s titles locally.

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