Capcom: "Good" devs didn’t want Lost Planet 3… so we gave it to Spark

Developer Spark Unlimited has come in for criticism from the publisher that employed it to make Lost Planet 3.

Spark was named as the game’s developer a year ago – a surprise to many seeing as two of its recent titles, Legendary: The Box and Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, were resolutely panned by critics. It has also been tipped as the potential developer behind an Onimusha reboot.

Now the game’s producer Andrew Szymanski has told VideoGamer that Spark were selected primarily because Capcom couldn’t find anyone better.

"We really needed to find a developer that could work on a collaboration," he stated. "I think that what a lot of people don’t realise is some of the best-known developers – or quote unquote the ‘good’ developers if you want to call it that – for good reason they want to work on the stuff they want to work on.

"So let’s just say, completely hypothetical, a Bungie-class developer comes to me, much as they would do with Activision. They’re not going to say, ‘Hey Activision, let’s work on the next Call of Duty’. They’re going to say, ‘This is what we want to make, take it or leave it. If you don’t take it I’ll give it to somebody else’. So a lot of those developers would not be a good fit for a game based on an existing IP."

Perhaps realising the insensitivity of his words, Szymanski did at least go on to say that Spark is a far better studio than it once was.

"I had the same questions you do when I went to meet Spark for the first time," he added. "They’ve had some rad ideas but the execution’s pretty lacking.

"But I got a chance to really hear a lot about why that was and how they weren’t necessarily supported in achieving their vision. They learned a lot from their mistakes. They’ve changed the team and brought in new management, brought in new leadership and a new creative direction and everything like that.

"So it was a combination of that with their passion and their ideas and what they wanted to bring to Lost Planet that I think brought that all together, and enabled us to sit down and discuss the concept to come up with a shared vision."

Capcom said earlier this month that it is looking to distance itself from further collaborations with Western developers.

Lost Planet 3 is currently due out on August 30th.

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