Capcom learns from RE5 racism controversy

Greater involvement from its Western arm in the future development of its titles will ensure that Capcom is never embroiled in another racism row, the publisher has vowed.

In March 2009 some critics labelled Resident Evil 5 racist due to its depiction of African zombies in conflict with the stereotypical butch, white American protagonist.

Organisations such as the BBFC dismissed the concerns, but mud sticks and Capcom has changed its procedures to protect against further incidents.

Since the RE5 controversy, we have become much more aware of how important it is that we are part of the asset creation process early on so that we are able to have a say in the end product,” Capcom America’s senior PR manager Melody Pfeiffer told Gamasutra.

We are also designing a lot of our own assets from this side of the pond, so that we are able to make strategic pieces of content that make sense for our market. We are working really closely with our producers in Japan to construct these materials for the West and they are open more then ever to hearing our thoughts and ideas for assets.”

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