Capcom plots Monster Hunter success

Publisher Capcom has vowed to keep up the TV advertising to promote its new Monster Hunter game.

The title has sat at the top of the ChartTrack PSP Top 10 since its launch last month, and the firm is hoping to build on these sales to establish a ‘body’ of Monster Hunter fanatics in the UK.

We’re satisfied with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite sales so far, but for us Monster Hunter isn’t just about the launch week, the launch month or even the first six months on sale,” explained Capcom’s head of UK marketing Stuart Turner.

This is a long-term project for Capcom as we know that Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has a much longer shelf life than many other titles and a less traditional sales curve.

The game itself is a long-term investment for purchasers and one that people tend to play for, well, months and months. Once somebody joins the world of Monster Hunter and understands how it works, they tend not to leave.

It’s this body of long-term customers that we’re interested in building, and we’ll continue to do so through both traditional means such as TV advertising and non-traditional means such as our Gathering Hall project in central London.”

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was a smash hit in Japan, topping the 2008 charts in the country and selling over 3.5 million units in the territory. The game outsold every other title on all other formats.

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