Capcom’s Western mission statement

Building closer relationships with our R&D teams, and speaking to consumers on a more regular basis across all regions is critical, but this will not be at the expense of delivering to the market unique, innovative and entertaining experiences for which Capcom is synonymous.

We’re also entering new genres and targeting new demographics with sports, racing, family titles joining our core-gamer focused releases. On the development front, Capcom is working with a number of Western-based developers such as GRIN in Sweden for Bionic Commando and US based studio Airtight Games on the recently announced Dark Void. There’s a lot of talent in the West and Capcom is always looking to work with the best talent.

From a personnel perspective there is an on-going review of staff which is a continuous process, not unique to Capcom. We looked at the next three years, the strategy and plans we have in place and asked ourselves about whether we have the structures, processes, products and personnel in place to move the company forward.

We need to get the product right first and foremost but then we need the people in place to support it. We believe we have a lot of talent here at Capcom, both old and new, and this blend is important. We’ll continue to develop that internally but also look outside to ensure we employ the best of the best.

If there is talent out there looking for an opportunity to work with a well respected developer and publisher then of course we’re interested. It’s no secret that Capcom plans to expand aggressively in Europe. We have a very robust line-up over the coming years and I think people will be surprised by what we have in the pipeline.

It’s no surprise that we’re seeing a bottleneck at the end of year. However, for Capcom we’re ensuring that we deliver quality across the whole year.

It became evident from our success with Lost Planet for Xbox 360 when we released in January, that timing is very important.

Capcom is nurturing existing IP, both original and licensed, broadening its portfolio and working with the best available talent to create new experiences for consumers across the globe.

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