Carnival Games is returning as a VR series

One of the Wii generation’s biggest surprise hits is hoping to repeat the magic with a resurrection for PlayStation VR.

2K’s 2007 Wii and DS hit Carnival Games was symbolic of what was at the time a new wave of gaming – titles that didn’t appeal to the core market or receive much attention from the press, but sold well among the more casual consumers who had bought into the Wii revolution.

The first game sold over 7m units, although its successors, including outings for iOS and Kinect, were less popular.

Carnival Games VR is being develop by the original US developer Cat Daddy Games. 12 mini-games are included – Alley Ball (a bit like bowling), Ring Toss (chucking hoops onto rings), Golden Arm (throwing balls at jugs), Down the Stretch (rolling balls down a ramp), Pop Darts (popping balloons), Climbing Wall (as it sounds), Shooting Gallery (time-limited target game), Shark Tank (more ball throwing), Funnel Cake Stacker (catching stuff), Swish (throwing balls into baskets), Haunted House (more target shooting) and Fast Pitch (catching balls).

The tickets earned by competing can be used to unlock addition all modes and playthings for the Prize Room sandbox mode.

Carnival Games VR will be released digitally for PlayStation VR on October 28th.

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