CBI welcomes UKIE arrival

The director general of The Confederation of British Industry has praised UKIE’s ambitions and said that the games industry is in prime position to take charge of the UK’s creative industries sector.

We welcome the arrival of UKIE with its plans not only for boosting and expanding the interactive entertainment industry but also for being a big player, perhaps the biggest player in the UK’s creative industries sector,” Richard Lambert stated in the UKIE launch video.

That’s a bold ambition which we welcome.

The CBI sees the creative industry as a whole as a very important part of the economy, it’s about 6-8 per cent of the economy, and it’s growing much faster than the overall economy and we need industries like that given where our economy is right now.

Within that the interactive entertainment industry is probably the fastest growing segment and one which is changing quite a lot because of the way its platforms are changing, its audience is changing, its markets are chaining, so it’s a good time for UKIE to be setting up with big ambitions.”

You can watch the full video here.

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