CES 2008: Blu-Ray movies for PSP

In what could come as a massive blow to its own UMD format, Sony has unveiled Blu-Ray movies that contain a standard-res version of the film embedded on the disc that can be transferred to PSP for viewing on the move.

By attaching the PSP to a PS3 via a USB cable, the console is able to upload the film to a memory stick in the handheld. It is not known whether the films will be useable only on PSP or whether they will be compatible with a whole range of handheld devices, such as iPods.

Sony says there is no firm plans to integrate the feature into upcoming movies, but that it hopes to do so within the coming year.

Should the feature become prominent it could spell the end of Sony’s troubled UMD format – but seeing as it would help boost the blossoming Blu-Ray business, the firm will most likely not be too upset.

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