Chart-Track predicts UK boxed market to hit £2bn in 2016

The UK games boxed market will be worth 1.98bn by 2016, Chart-Track says.

The firm expects significant growth from boxed games and hardware over the next two years due to the launch of Xbox One and PS4.

These are just conservative figures,” Chart-Track director Dorian Bloch said during the Games Retail 2020 conference. I am not factoring in things like Oculus Rift and the launch of Virtual Reality.”

Bloch says that the UK games market between 2012 and 2016 will have generated over 5.8bn for UK stores. This does not include digital sales.

In a fascinating talk, he also revealed how the Top Ten boxed games are commanding an increasingly larger share of software sales, while the Top 6 retailers now dominate the vast majority of the boxed sector.

He also revealed that 54 per cent of boxed video games sold next year will be of the 16+ and 18+ variety.

Update: We had originally put Chart-Track’s market estimate at $5bn. The actual number was $5.8bn.

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