Check out our PC gaming extravaganza in this week’s MCV

In this week’s MCV we take a lengthy and in-depth look at the lucrative PC games market.

Creative Assembly’s brand director RobBartholomew shares his thoughts on the state of a vast and unpredictable market, we discuss how to build the ultimate VR games machine and find out the best performing UK PC games thanks to Steam Spy.

We also talk to some of the leading names in the sector (505 Games’Tim Woodley, Positech’s Cliff Harris, Paradox Interactive’s Susana Meza) to find out what you need to know to survive in the wild west of PC gaming.

Overclocker’s marketing and partnership manager Mark Purdy also discusses the importance of High Street retail when PC gamers are online-savvy.

The full contents of this week’s issue are below. The digital edition can be readhere.

  • COVER: EA wants to regain the trust of PC gamers – New Origin Access subscription service to add more third-party games, says publisher
  • NEWS: Indie developer Pixelbomb signs boxed distribution deal
  • NEWS: Mike Bithell discusses the indiepocalypse
  • DATA: Steam Spy shares its UK figures for games sold via the digital download store
  • INTERVIEW: War and PC – Creative Assembly is one of the UK’s top PC developers. It’s behind the smash Total War strategy franchise, and has been trusted with huge IPs such as Alien, Halo and Warhammer. Brand director Rob Bartholomew shares his thoughts on the state of the PC market
  • INTERVIEW:Surviving in the Wild West of PC Gaming – The PC gaming sector is vast, unpredictable and largely unknowable in its entirety. But MCV has spoken to some of the leading names in the sector to find out some of the key things you need to know about launching a game on PC
  • INTERVIEW: Over and above – One of the UK’s leading retailers of PC gaming hardware is trying to push into the UK High Street via GAME. But with an internet-savvy audience, why bother? Marketing and partnership manager Mark Purdy answers
  • APPOINTMENTS: Electronic Arts UK appoints new head of media
  • SHELF LIFE: Steven Ireland from Eclipse Home Entertainment explains to MCV why he does not sell PC games at all
  • MARGIN MAKERS: As a wide range of PC accessories and goodies hit the shelves every week, we check out what has been trending lately
  • INTERNATIONAL: MCV looks at the Mexican games market, which is the 13thlargest worldwide and the second in Latin America
  • PLUS! XCOM, BBC Radio One Show, How to build the ultimate VR Machine, PlayStation School’s Cup, UK Charts and a lot, lot more.

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