Child of Eden cools Kinect functionality

Though Q Entertainment’s Child of Eden will still support Kinect to some degree when it arrives at retail in 2011, the developer has now claimed that Microsoft’s motion camera is not the central focus of the title.

The game, which is being developed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and is being seen as the spiritual successor to cult Dreamcast and PS2 hit Rez, was one of the standout titles of E3 in June and has to date been the poster child of Kinect’s struggling hardcore gaming aspirations.

But speaking to NowGamer, Mizuguchi has now stated that early reports of Kinect functionality were either untrue at the time or have since changed.

[Kinect’s] not specifically the lead platform for Child of Eden,” he explained. It’s what we decided to reveal at E3.

But I love seeing new technology, so when Microsoft began showing us the Kinect technology, we immediately began thinking about how we could use this in our game. I thought it was very exciting, the things we could do with it. It really depends on the game in determining just how effective Kinect implementation will be with the end product.”

With Microsoft’s own Fable III recently drastically reducing its support of the motion device, Kinect’s confused commitment to the Xbox 360’s core gaming audience (the platform holder has claimed that the device both will and will not to target the demographic) has certainly taken a dent.

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