Cliff Bleszinski defends Xbox One DRM, reckons Sony will do the same

Former Epic dev and the self-professed Tony Stark of video games” Cliff Bleszinski has argued the case for Xbox One DRM.

His fundamental argument is that the current triple-A model is broken.

Haha Mattrick ‘if you’re offline get a 360 fuckers’ amazing,” he said on Twitter, referencing Don Mattrick’s controversial statement from earlier this week. I’m not working for Microsoft. As a consumer I’ve enjoyed Xbox Live on my broadband connection. I’m seldom offline.

"I’m so…so…mad! I might go so far as to make a meme and… and… put it on r/gaming! If you can afford high speed internet and you can’t get it where you live direct your rage at who is responsible for pipe blocking you.

You cannot have game and marketing budgets this high while also having used and rental games existing. The numbers do NOT work people. The visual fidelity and feature sets we expect from games now come with sky-high costs. Assasins Creed games are made by thousands of devs.

Newsflash. This is why you’re seeing free to play and microtransactions everywhere. The disc-based day one $60 model is crumbling. Those of you telling me "then just lower game budgets" do understand how silly you sound, right? Think about how many great games are at this show. Now consider how much they’re going to spend fighting each other marketing.”

Although the comment may well be tongue in cheek, Cliffy B even went as far as to suggest that Sony may indeed be brewing its own pre-owned plans.

I’d bet Sony has some similar stuff up their sleeves they’re just playing on the internet outrage for free PR,” he stated. You’re all being played!”

Of course, this all might be absolute bollocks. Concluded Cliffy: If you haven’t figured out that half of my tweets are posted to get a reaction yet you’re an idiot. Kisses!

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