Cliffy B talks Gears of War 4

The trilogy may have concluded, but Gears of War is far from finished according to new comments from Epic’s design guru Cliff Bleszinski.

I feel like we’ve wrapped it up and put a bow on it. It is what it is and we’ve put it under the tree for the proverbial Christmas morning,” he told Develop of recent release Gears of War 3.

But that said, there’s the long history of this war, tons of different stories to tell and thematically if you figure what makes a Gears game in the future, there’s a lot of different directions we could go in. I’m not burnt out on it anywhere as some might assume or think.

You look at the numbers that Call of Duty and Halo pulls and we’re not at that point yet. I’m hoping Gears of War 3 brings us closer to that point. People forgot also that we’re only the third game of the series.

There’s been a couple more Halo’s and a few more Call of Duty’s so who knows, maybe we’ll be able to build upon that success.”

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