Cliffy Bs reveal IS Gears of War 3

Right, remember when we said that Cliffy B’s upcoming announcement next week was not Gears of War 3? Forget it. It will be, and a blunder from Microsoft has confirmed it.

Kotaku has spotted an ad that has just appeared on Xbox Live that reads: Gears of War 3 Announced – the epic story concludes April 2011.”

It is presumed that a mistake at Microsoft’s end has seen the ad go live by mistake ahead of the official announcement that is indeed pencilled in for the Jimmy Fallon Show in the US next Monday.

This coincides with information received by MCV following the publication of this morning’s story.

MCV also understands that recent gameplay details leaked by Edge Online – claiming that GOW3 will boast a new cover system, portable mech armour, underwater sections and levels set in the jungle – are accurate.

The conclusion? Cliffy B will on Monday announce Gears of War 3, and OXM will reveal a brand new Epic IP that is to be published by EA.

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