Cloud9’s Freakazoid fined a month’s pay after verbally bullying S1mple

Friendly banter between professional players is a common occurrence in North America’s FACEIT Pro League. Often it’s nipped in the bud before it takes a nasty turn, but unfortunately for Cloud9, they’ve now had to take measures against one of their own after his questionable behaviour spread like wildfire through social media.

Ryan Freakazoid” Abadir is fairly well known for his questionable behaviour. After a number of incidents both online and at LAN tournaments, Cloud9 have been forced to take action. It all began with an innocent match on ESEA where Abadir began verbally abusing Team Liquid’s newest recruit Aleksandr S1mple” Kostylev. At first Kostylev played along, as he was unaware that Abadir has taken over Jake Stewie2K” Yip’s VOIP. Soon the comments turned sour as Abadir got extremely personal with Kostylev.

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