Coaches in CS:GO are no longer allowed to talk to their team while the match is being played

Valve has announced new rules for its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitions that stop coaches communicating with the team while they are playing.

Many teams in CS:GO use their coach as a shot caller, deciding on what plays to run and calling out anything that they spot that the players may miss. But Valve has decided this effectively makes them an extra player on the team and as a result has banned them from communicating during the game.

Coaches will still be allowed to talk to players during the halftime switching of sides, and during the warm up but not when actual rounds are being played. Coaches can also speak to their team during 30 second time outs, which can be called by coaches or players, with each team receiving four per map.

The new rules are being implemented for all Valve organised events, with many other organisers implementing the rules as well. HLTV reports that the first major event to use the new rules will be ESL One New York, taking place in late September.

As expected many teams have not reacted well to this change, especially those who have had coaches as the team’s in game leader.

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