‘CoD vs BF marketing battle will cost millions’

EA CEO John Riccitiello says that the November marketing battle between Call of Duty and Battlefield will cost hundreds of millions as dollars.

He made the prediction while outlining how this year, EA is hoping to dethrone rival Activision’s bestselling CoD franchise.

EA’s Battlefield 3 launches in November – around the same time as the next Call of Duty will arrive (the series typically launches its yearly episode in the first or second week of November).

The EA CEO expects "a couple hundred million dollars [worth of] marketing against these two products," Gamasutra reports, adding that his firm’s new title, developed by EA DICE, "designed to take [Call of Duty] down."

His comments were made at an Ad Age conference keynote presentation where Riccitiello also said that gaming is a new mass media for advertisers, and urged media buyers to step up and join in.

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