COD XP: What the fans think

COD XP: Activision’s weekend celebration of its biggest franchise has come to close. MCV spoke to fans and the game’s excitable developers to find out what they thought of COD XP and its activities.

I think it’s awesome. I love all the stuff they have going on outside like the paintball, the zipline, the Jeep thing. Playing the game is really cool too, but that stuff is just awesome. It’s such a nice touch.”
Bree, North Hollywood

I think it’s great. It seems to have gone really smoothly, people are all excited about it. It’s been a blast. Highlight’s got to be the Scrapyard – a live simulation of the battlefield from the game. It’s quite a messy sport out there.”
Robert, Southern California

My favourite part was the keynote: walking out there and getting the first reaction to everything we were showing off.
Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward

Playing the game was a lot of fun. Paintball is definitely the best experience so far – really enjoyed that. Getting shot, shooting at people, it’s actually a lot like the game. I was surprised because when you see people running through the map, I know where they’re going to end up. Overall, it’s been fun. It was great to meet some of the guys who developed the games.”
Jason, San Diego

I’ve been to lots of conventions and I have to say, for the first time to have done this, I think the team has done an amazing job. When you see the amount of stuff going on, the level of activity, how well organised it is, all things considered – other than the line for Burger Town – it’s amazing. I did the Jeep thing yesterday – that thing’s intense. When you’re raiding a house with the Delta Force and riding up a hill at a 50-degree angle, it’s pretty cool.”
Jamie Berger, Activision

It’s great. A lot of things going on. I like the whole environment outside and inside. I’m surprised by how many people are here and how far some of them have come – it’s pretty cool that they can bring people together like this. And playing the game early is so cool.”
Patsy, Reseda, California

(Laughs) It’s totally lame and I’m embarrassed to admit how much I loved it, but I loved the booth where you get to have your picture put on the cover of Modern Warfare 3. I want to get it done again, and I keep thinking: do I want to turn my head this way, should I hold my arms differently. It’s weird because it’s such an iconic image so you want to have yourself as that soldier. I like sliding through the other ones and thinking, I look better than that guy, and I’m better than that guy.”
Chacko Sonny, Beachhead

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