CoD5s creation explained

Treyarch has explained to MCV how it is collaborating with the developer of COD 4: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward, on new title World At War.

Treyarch’s senior producer Noah Heller (pictured) told MCV that both studios have passed ideas back and forth – and that they will not let the title be published unless it is very high quality”.

Treyarch was responsible for Call Of Duty 3, released back in 2006, and has praised Activision for allowing it a two-year development cycle on the new title.

Heller told MCV:

We began working on World at War after we finished Call of Duty 3. During the course of Modern Warfare development we were taking builds and we were getting involved in the game, and after Modern Warfare shipped we were providing builds to send back to Infinity Ward for comment.

There is a degree of collaboration that exists there because the goal is to not let anything out the door that is Call of Duty unless its very high quality.

Call of Duty 3 was a great game with a review average of 82/83, and was created in eight months. That’s startling and was a great effort by the team. But now they’ve had time to polish the build and iterate on the game they wanted to make.

The player doesn’t know how long the game took to make when they sit it in the box, all they know is if it is high enough quality and with extra time we can make sure of that.

We do trade builds back and forth we do share thoughts studio to studio and team member to team member. Both teams are separate; they have their own game they want to make. But neither team is comfortable with a Call of Duty being on the market that isn’t a great game.

It’s what Call of Duty is all about. It has to be the best shooter, it has to be the best WWII game. Modern Warfare has to be the best Modern Warfare, We didn’t choose the World at War name lightly. We chose it because this is the premiere World War II game, this isn’t a dumb catch phrase, it is the World at War, that’s what WWII was.”

World At War will be released on PC, PS3, Wii and 360 in the autumn.

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