Confirmation of motion-sensing 360?

A Microsoft exec has seemingly confirmed that the firm is intending to announce some sort of motion sensing accessory for the console at next week’s E3.

Talk of a Wii-like controller for Xbox 360 has been gaining momentum for a few weeks now, with many industry bods believing Microsoft is aiming its sights on Nintendo the casual sector.

Speaking to IGN, Microsoft’s Ken Lobb said of Banjo-Kazooie: Nut & Bolts: The primary function that Kazooie has in the game is she carries this wrench, and the wrench is used for many different things.

One of the things that the wrench is used for is to turn these devices. So you basically grab with the wrench and then you twist the controller around and it’ll move different things in the game.”

As VG247 points out, the gameplay shown in the IGN video is full of button icons for the standard Xbox 360 joypad, so an add-on accessory seems like a safe bet.

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