$1,000,000 Gears of War Pro Circuit announced

Xbox and The Coalition have announced the Gears of War Pro Circuit, a $1,000,000 Gears of War 4 competition.

Once Gears of War 4 launches later this year players can compete for Gears Pro Points in regional MLG GameBattles online ladders and in daily and weekly tournaments. Teams that get the most pro points will be invited, and flown, to the LAN events that are due to take place every couple of months.

Outside of a launch event currently being planned by MLG the first major LAN will be held in Columbus, Ohio in the States between November 25th and 27th and will feature a $250,000 prize pool. Following on from that MLG will host another two US events, another in Columbus and one in Las Vegas for spring and summer.

Gfinity will be hosting the remaining LAN events with the first being in London this December. Then they will head to Mexico City in Spring 2017 and finally will be in Paris during late spring/ early summer.

The $1,000,000 prize pool is just the beginning, as fans will be able to purchase in game items to boost the prize pool total. The Gears team is also looking to work with popular eSports organizations to add team based cosmetics to the game.

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