2m mentions in 24hrs for Grand Theft Auto V on Twitter

As well as taking retail by storm, Grand Theft Auto V has also dominated social networks.

Twitter UK has revealed that in the last 24 hours alone Rockstar’s game has been mentioned more than two million times on the service.

GTA V has also been gaining wide attention across the UK media. PCGamesN’s James Binns was on BBC Radio 5Live this morning discussing the game’s impact (with its somewhat sceptical hosts, it must be said) while a GTA feature is currently sitting on the front page of the BBC News website.

There’s been some less positive coverage too, of course.

The Telegraph is currently running a story about a 23 year old gamer who was mugged on his way home from an Asda store last night having attended a midnight launch.

The Daily Mail, meanwhile, reports on the curious phenomenon of the game being listed on eBay for prices well in excess of its RRP. Why there would be any demand for this on the day the game comes out is beyond us – is it really selling out?

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