3DS breaks retail records

Two of the UK’s leading retailers have confirmed that Nintendo’s 3DS is their facets selling video games console ever.

"The 3DS has been huge for us," an ASDA spokesperson told Eurogamer. "In fact, it was our biggest ever format launch, driven by really strong online sales and our a fantastically-priced opening bundle."

HMV reported similar success, saying: "It’s certainly among our fastest ever selling consoles but still a little too early to give a final figure/view."

Sainsbury’s, however, said the 3DS had claimed the all-time crown in its stores, while Currys says the PS3 remains its strongest ever console launch.

Nintendo confessed prior to the machine’s launch last week that it expected the 3DS to shatter its previous sales records.

MCV speculated that the portable could reach the 150k units sales mark on its first day, though we’re still waiting for official confirmation of the numbers.

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