3DS dizziness claims hit The Sun

This morning’s copy of UK newspaper The Sun carries a hard-hitting headline for Nintendo – "3DS SOS".

It claims that "record return levels were reported" after "thousands" suffered headaches and dizziness after playing with the device.

It also claims that some retailers have been offering refunds to those affected. One customer, Sundeep Tailor, was offered a 176.99 refund from GAME for his 3DS, leaving him out of pocket to the tune of 30.

HMV apparently if offering full refunds on any 3DS purchased, though only until Thursday. Other retailers are said to be offering refunds anything up to 50 below the price paid at launch.

"When I returned mine to my local GAME in Bexleyheath I had an argument at first but I am someone who knows how to argue and stuck with my guns," one forum user is quoted as saying.

"Once the guy agreed we chatted and he told me hay had had a high return of the 3DS, more than any launch product."

This issue first hit the headlines last week, again with The Sun leading.

Nintendo told MCV last week that it has had "zero calls on this issue in both the UK and across Europe since Nintendo 3DS launch".

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