3DS eStore arriving on June 7th

Nintendo has said that its first major update for the 3DS will be available to download worldwide on June 7th.

Chief amongst the new features is the long awaited introduction of the Nintendo eStore which will for the first time allow owners to purchase games and content directly over a wi-fi internet connection.

Day one downloads will include remastered 3D port NES port Excitebike, which will be free until July 7th. Also available will be Game Boy ports Super Mario Land, Alleyway and Tennis.

The store will be updated every Thursday with a range of 2D and remastered 3D hits from the Game Boy and Game Boy Colour range. Plenty of existing DSiWare games will also be available.

The update will also introduce a 3DS specific web browser that allows for 3D web browsing and Pokedex 3D, which allows users to browse over 150 Pokemon in 3D.

Also confirmed is the ability for DSi and DSi XL owners to transfer "most" of their previous DSiWare purchases to their new machine.

The download will be accessible from the System Settings menu.

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