3DS LAUNCH: March 25th launch for UK

Nintendo’s hotly anticipated 3DS will land on UK shelves on March 25th.

The handheld’s European release date was announced today at a special preview event in Amsterdam. It will arrive two days before the US launch on March 27th.

The launch window will stretch between March 25th and end of June, during which up to 25 games will be launched.

Nintendo did not set a retail price for the 3DS. Instead, the platform holder has delivered its trade price to its retail parterns, who will then decide the cost for the end user.

Two models will be available at launch: blue and black. The device will come with pre-installed software such as the Mii Maker, mini-game Face Raiders and the 3DS Shop, where players will be able to buy Game Boy Colour games through the Virtual Console or download new 3DSiWare.

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