3DS logs flash cart use

Even if hackers do succeed in circumventing the security measures included in Nintendo’s 3DS handheld, there are indications that a nasty surprise lays in store for those who do.

Kotaku reports that Japanese retailer Enterking has stated that it will not be accepting any 3DS units that have been used with an R4 card for trade-in. How would it know? Apparently each handheld logs any activity related to flash carts such as the R4.

It was reported last month that some Japanese gamers has already got the infamous DS piracy device R4 running on the 3DS, though for time being it only enables the use of illegal DS ROMS and not 3DS games.

And of course, if a 3DS can recognise and record the use of such devices, then it can also inform Nintendo whenever a user tries to update the system’s software or accesses wi-fi.

What the platform holder may do that point is up for debate, but you would think blocking the update – or even remotely disabling the machine – could be realistic options.

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